Nonsurgical rejuvenation of the under eye area with filler is one of the most effective treatments for reversing time, making a patient look refreshed, younger and rested.  This procedure can change your appearance from always looking tired and “droopy” to appearing awake and youthful. 

There are three common types of under eye complaints: hollow eyes, under eye bags often mixed with hollows and under eye dark circles. All three of these complaints can be present separately or together in a single patient.  Contrary to the stereotype that all of these conditions occur with aging, many young people experience these under eye complaints due to genetics or decreased facial volume (aka very thin face with flat cheeks).  

Jenya Dvorkin, MSN, NP has successfully been treating under eye area with filler.  Skillfully placed filler can improve and/or eliminate all three of these under eye problems.  

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We only use pure hyaluronic acid fillers for these procedures.  What is hyaluronic acid (HA)?  It is a naturally occurring form of sugar present in almost every cell of the body: our joints, cartilage and skin, etc.  Our bodies constantly produce and metabolize this form of sugar.  When not attached to a molecule, HA binds to water taking on a viscous jelly like appearance.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable fillers are produced in the lab and are a soft, jelly-like consistency.  Our bodies are able to fully recognize and metabolize this material without leaving any trace elements.

Each individual case will be evaluated during your consultation and recommendations will be made.  It is important to keep in mind that at times the best outcome can be reached only with a surgical solution, or the underlying cause of dark circles does not respond/improve to treatment with filler.  Since your best possible result is most important to us, Jenya Dvorkin, MSN NP will always make an honest recommendation keeping your best interest in mind.

Genetics, chronic allergies, lifestyle and amount of facial fat are all contributing factors in what our under eye area looks like.  Some ethnic groups and/or individuals with very thin faces will have hollows in the under eye area and complain of dark circles.  This happens due to shallow or low orbital rim (bony structure that encircles the eye), or a very flat or displaced cheek pad.  Under eye dark circles are often the result of transparency of lower eyelid skin over a hollow area. 


In contrast to under eye hollows, individuals with under eye bags or a mix of hollows and bags is the most common presentation.  Under eye bags can be genetic for some, where for others it may be the result of weight yo-yoing, lifestyle changes, or chronic medical conditions such as seasonal allergies.

Both under eye hollows and under eye bags as well as most of dark circle cases can be completely corrected or diminished with strategically placed filler in the under eye area, by restoring volume and/or doing a cheek lift to reposition displaced cheek fat, thus creating a smooth transition.  

All the details, including what to expect during and after the procedure, and if you are a good candidate for a procedure will be reviewed during your consultation with Jenya Dvorkin, MSN, NP