Your skin care products need to make sense to you and for you!  Simple as that.  If someone asks “Why are you using this product and what does it do?”  You should answer without hesitation, after-all you are putting them on your face every single day.

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 In practice,

most women — even my favorite “beauty junkies” — don’t understand what they are using and why, eventually giving in into major brand name labels blindly.  Result:  numerous bottles promising magic on the label, while not showing much results but clogged pores.

Each product you are applying on your skin needs to do its intended job and do it well.  A face cleanser needs to clean, a moisturizer to moisturize.  If any single product promises too many things, it basically does nothing.  

Skin care products are rooted in chemistry.  Important components such as the ph of the product, the molecular size, the weight, the concentration of active ingredients, and the list of inactive ingredients are all major contributing factors in product efficacy (aka how well it works).  

We cannot all be chemists,

but I believe we can become educated consumers. I love educating my patients about skin care options, what they can benefit from, what easy regimen can look like, how to treat their problem areas and concerns.  Most importantly, they become empowered and confident in the choices they make about their skin, products, treatments, beauty industry and life in general.  Because if you are not afraid to ask the question “Why?” you will get answers you need to make a better informed decision.  


I have hand picked selected products

from specific skincare lines which I think truly deliver what they promise and work synergistically.  Not matter what your skin type and/or concern, your regimen will be personalized to your needs.  These brands are not available for purchase outside of medical offices and/or spas.  Don’t try to find a good deal online, because online you will only find counterfeit products.  Call our office to schedule a skincare consultation with Jenya Dvorkin MSN, NP and start your personal regimen.  Because behind every woman with great skin is a simple daily regimen with an occasional professional skin care treatment to boost her result.