Enhancing lips with filler is one of the most common procedures requested. When done correctly, lips can enhance the beauty of the face, improve the proportion of existing features, and have a big impact in creating a more youthful and softer appearance of the lower face.


We only use pure hyaluronic acid fillers for this procedure.  What is hyaluronic acid (HA)?  It is a naturally occurring form of sugar present in almost every cell of the body our joints, cartilage and skin, etc.  Our bodies constantly produce and metabolize this form of sugar.  When not attached to a molecule, HA binds to water taking on a viscous jelly-like appearance.  Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectable fillers are produced in the lab and are a soft jelly-like consistency.  Our bodies are able to fully recognize and metabolize this material without leaving any trace elements behind. 

One size does not fit all. During your consultation it is very important to have a connection with your injector and a clear understanding of the plan for the desired outcome.  There are variety of techniques used when enhancing lips: from very natural to full glamour look.  Please use information below as a tool to help you better understand what options are available and what you may want to see as your desired result.


Volume: it is possible to replace lip volume without altering natural lip shape and/or size.  Final result is “hydrated” soft slightly pouty lip with rounded and not flat profile.

Size: the most common request is “I want bigger lips.”   Increasing lip size can be done with or without increase in volume, another words you can show more of a pink lip with a flatter or rounder profile.  

Shape: changing or enhancing the natural lip shape is another option that can be achieved with this procedure in the hands of a skilled injector.  Review all of your options during your consultation, be specific about what you want.   

Proportion: is the ratio of lower to upper lip.  The majority of the population have a lower lip that is slightly larger and/or fuller than the upper.  Filler can be used to change that upper to lower lip proportion.  Not everyone is a good candidate due to aesthetics or anatomy.  If you are interested in that technique ask during your consultation.  

Asymmetry correction: almost all of us have facial asymmetry and, if you look closely, lip asymmetry.  This technique focuses on softening or fully correcting preexisting asymmetry.  

Anti-aging rejuvenation with filler: this technique focuses on turning back time, replacing lost volume in a way that looks exactly like the lips the patient had 5-10 years back. The goal is to smooth out vertical fine lines at and above the lip, to give a better outline of skin-to-pink barrier, a slight volume replacement, and filling and upturning the corners of the mouth (aka erasing the frown ) rejuvenating the overall appearance of the lips.

Botched corrections: some patients may have a less than desirable result with previously done filler.  The reasons for that can vary ( bad/wrong size, shape, asymmetry ).  Doing a combination of dissolving badly placed filler with and re-injecting with new filler corrects these cases.  Please visit our “Botched Filler Corrections” section for more information.